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Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly

Do you Totally Love Climbing? Then take the decision process out of going climbing each week. By signing up to our TLC monthly billing scheme you guarantee yourself the best value, year-round access to Awesome Walls Climbing Centres AND ensure you can avail of a whole host of additional benefits too!

Our TLC monthly billing service allows you to sign up for a safe and secure automated monthly charge to your credit or debit card using Stripe. TLC members have unlimited access to Awesome Walls during centre opening times and receive the following exclusive perks:


You can now use all four Awesome Walls (Liverpool, Stockport, Stoke and Sheffield) as often as you please! And if we open any future establishments within the UK, you’ll be more than welcome to visit us there too!


Every month you can introduce a new member completely free of charge!
(The new member will be under your supervision and you will need to sign a novice climber waiver. Hire equipment is not included.)


As a TLC member, you won’t need to carry cash or cards to the climbing wall! You can buy anything you like from any centre and we will just add it to your account. The total will be deducted from your bank account at the beginning of the month along with your regular payment.

Locker Space

You can have your own locker at your local Awesome Walls to leave your wall gear in. No more lugging that rope, harness, shoes, chalk bag and other paraphernalia about!


We hope that you are enjoying your TLC and are climbing lots!

If at any point you need to make any changes to your TLC account please click here.

If you have any other queries please contact us using the form below.

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