At Awesome Walls we want to give back!

Awesome Walls has a tradition of giving back to our customers – from free brews and keyrings to free climbs…

We’ve got an Awesome customer REWARD scheme that’s guaranteed to get you psyched to come back again and again!

Not got a REWARD card? Ask for yours next time you visit and start saving!

Awesome DMM Golden Carabiners
These little delights are collectors items and can not be bought, they must be earned! DMM have forged us their special Spectra wire gate carabiners with Awesome Walls carefully engraved within. Use them on your rack, or keep them as a trophy! How many can you collect? Check out the ‘Wall of Awesomeness’ to see who has the most…

Climb For Rewards

Collect regular free SWAG (Super Wicked Awesome Gear), hot drinks and even an Awesome DMM Golden Carabiner.

Free SWAG after 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th & 23rd visit.

Free hot drink after 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th visit.

Introduce A New Climber

Bring along a friend, collegue or family member and have a Free Climb on us!

Introduce 6 new climbers and your reward is an Awesome DMM Golden Carabiner.

Visit Our Centres

We have four climbing centres in the UK (Liverpool, Stockport, Stoke & Sheffield), visit them all and receive an Awesome DMM Golden Carabiner!

Free Birthday Climb

Have a free climb on us when it’s your birthday!


Name Carabiners
Adam Ford 1
Adam Hordern 1
Agnieszka Kowal 1
Alan Kitchen 1
Alex Dillon 1
Alex Ho 1
Alex Mills 1
Alexander Hale 1
Alexander Penny 1
Amber Hayes 3
Andrew Smith 1
Andy Green 1
Andy Horton 1
Arsalan IIyas 1
Ashleigh Moore 1
Ben Johnson 1
Ben Wojcik 1
Beth Newby 1
Blake Williams 1
Brandon Roberts 1
Chris Parry 1
Colin Egar 1
Craig Ross 1
Cristal Crooks 1
Danny Hamilton 1
Dave HIll 1
David Melville 1
Dylan Stevenson 1
Elijah Jones 1
Eric Hindley 2
Ethan Dakin 1
Gareth Hibbs 1
George Wostenholm 1
Graham Howarth 1
Greg Partridge 1
Hilary Bass 1
Ian Walsh 1
Jake Bonham 1
Jake Hounslow 1
James Greenland 1
James Hall 1
Jamie Taylor 1
Jane Perry 1
Jeff Burgum 1
Jenson Huxley 1
Joe Beeby 1
Joel Beeston 1
John Cook 1
John Pemblimgton 1
John Smethurst 1
Josh Turner 1
Karolina Malecka 1
Katie Peckitt 1
Katrina Melville 1
Kieran Hunter 1
Laura Tipping 1
Lauren Hopkins 1
lee anderson 1
Lee Forster 1
Lola James 1
Louise Powell 1
Lucy Durrant 1
Martin Broadhead 1
Martyn Clarke 1
Matthew Beevers 1
Matthew Hallworth 1
Max De Roeck 1
Megan Howe 1
Michael Liddle 1
Mike Cassidy 1
Mike Clayton 1
Mike Hibbert 1
Nell Taylor 1
Olivia Yates 1
Owen Mohamed 1
Paul Sanderson 2
Paul Summerfield 2
Phil Leathard 1
Philip Gardiner 1
Rob Johnson 1
Robert Durrant 3
Roger Cruse 1
Rossi Caterall 1
Rowan Jackson 1
Sam Glover 1
Sam Robbins 2
Sami Jauzoo 1
Sandra Connaughton 1
Santa Shuffle 1
Santipur Negron Medina 1
Shitao Hu 4
Simon Mitchie 1
Steven Preston 1
Stuart Fiddies 1
Ti Wu 2
Tina Wilkinson 1
Toby Patterson 1
Tony Mays 1
Vicky Fowler 1
whittaker, allan 1
Zach Harrison 1

Conditions of Use

1. One stamp per paid climb for members only.
2. Cards and stamps are not transferable.
3. Rewards can be withdrawn or changed at any time without prior notice.
4. Free climbs are valid for 6 months.
5. If the centre is closed on your birthday a free climb can be claimed the day before or after.
6. The card has no monetary value.
7. Lost card = lost stamps.
8. Only offers 2 and 3 are available to TLC members.
9. Finished cards will be entered into an annual raffle!
10. Using this card at non-Awesome Walls climbing centres may cause upset!

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