Awesome Walls and COVID-19 Staying Safe


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during these past few months as we continuously adapted our climbing centres to meet the changing government requirements and create a safe environment for both our customers and team.


We want to remind all our customers of our current procedures and ask that they continue to look out for each other by social distancing and following all government and Awesome Walls guidelines in relation to COVID-19. Your support and care for others will help us to remain open and limit the transmission of the virus.


Face Coverings

We request that customers wear a face-covering at all Awesome Walls sites when entering/leaving the buildings, around reception areas and while using our toilet facilities. If customers wish to wear masks elsewhere then please feel free to do so.



All customers are required to sanitise their hands when entering the building and regularly throughout their climbing session.



In order speed up queuing times and minimise contact we are strongly recommending that members pre-pay by using one of the following options:

TLC – Our monthly payment scheme 

11 for 10 – Buy ten entrances and receive an eleventh for free

Account Top Up – You can add money to your account and use this for admissions and refreshments.

Contactless payment – Now up to £45 

Card payments – No limit on payments.

Cash – If all of the above options aren’t available to you, we will continue to accept cash payments.

TLC and Prepaid passes

TLC memberships and prepaid passes will be automatically unfrozen on October 1st. If you would like to change this you can now make an account change request remotely via the Membership Amendment Form on our TLC website page.



Are we required to pre-book time slots? No. At Awesome Walls, we are not using bookable time slots as we have adequate capacity numbers based on the government’s 1 person per 9sqm occupancy guidelines. You can check our current occupancy at all centres before you leave by visiting our website


Check In Check Out

To keep a record of all people that have passed through our buildings you must check-in and check-out at reception each visit. 


Social Distancing Within the Centres

We request that all visitors adhere to the current government guidance and expectations in regards to social distancing. 

At Awesome Walls, we have 2m markings for queuing, standing points for speaking to reception staff and directional arrows indicating one way systems, where they are in place.


Social Distancing When Climbing

When climbing or bouldering it is up to the individual climber to assess where they climb and if it will be socially acceptable to climb a route/problem near another person. Ideally, you would leave a socially acceptable space between each climber but often routes/problems weave or deviate so a bit of forethought and verbal communication would be beneficial for all. Please be considerate of others.


Climbing Duration

Whilst we haven’t put a time limit on the time you can spend in the climbing centre, please be respectful of how long you spend in certain areas. We would appreciate if, on busy periods, climbers kindly limit their visit to two hours.



With limited capacity allowed in the climbing centres, we are asking for non-climbers not to visit the climbing centre at the moment. If there is a special reason for a non-climber to visit then an exception can be made if capacity numbers allow. In this situation, one parent/spectator will be allowed per group of six.



Key surfaces will be wiped down frequently with appropriate cleaning products. Even with our cleaning schedule in place we strongly recommend that you sanitise your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.



Loose chalk and liquid chalk are both acceptable.


Hire Equipment

All hire equipment will be available as usual.


External Group Use

All external groups are required to pre-book and supply their COVID-19 Group Risk Assessment.


Group Use

All group members, instructors and supervisors will be required to be checked in, to monitor our capacity numbers.

Group sessions will be run in a COVID safe manner following our COVID procedures.


Risk Assessment

A copy of our risk assessment can be found on our website here


This pandemic has been a very tough time for everybody. We are all trying our utmost to do what’s right and follow procedures. As these procedures change so must ours. If you spot something that you think we may have missed please do not hesitate to contact me at


Stay safe, stay awesome,


Dave Douglas

Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

CEO and Founder


AWCC may change these procedures without warning to comply with the latest government guidelines.