As a business owner and climber, I have to think long and hard for what is best for my staff and customers. Profit should never compromise safety and some decisions are harder to come to than others. I have thought long and hard about whether we should make face coverings mandatory in our climbing walls. Through my research of late, I can see that the majority of walls are strongly recommending face coverings but not many are actually enforcing it.


The Government has now made face coverings mandatory on public transport and in all shops/retail spaces (from 24th July). Whether they make gyms follow in the same vein remains to be seen.


Awesome Walls was one of the first climbing centres to close its doors when the severity of the virus was noted, and many followed suit before the Government made it compulsory. We received many understanding comments from our customers and friend supporting this decision.


We would like to follow in this vein and commit to holding safety first and foremost for our staff and customers before/if the Government makes face coverings mandatory for gyms and climbing walls.


When we open our doors to the public on Saturday 25th July, we’ll be kindly asking everyone that enters our centres to wear a face covering, this could be a mask, snood/buff or visor. This face covering only needs to be worn in the reception area and the WC areas. Wearing a face covering in other parts of the centre is purely at your decision.


Under 11’s and people with certain health reasons will be exempt from this decision.


If you do not own a mask/buff/visor and would like to use our centre, we can arrange for one to be bought to the door before entering (pay at reception). You will have a choice of purchasing a multi-use snood (buff style) or a disposable face mask. Both will be sold at cost price (no profit).


I believe that as a main player in the climbing wall business, other walls may look up to us and hopefully follow suit with our decisions.


I sincerely hope you find your way back to climbing soon.


Stay safe, stay awesome,


Dave Douglas

Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

CEO and Founder.