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Awesome Walls and COVID-19 Moving Forward*

 Cp Awesome Walls are committed to protecting our staff and customers. 


 these measures may change as new advice and recommendations emerge.


We can confirm that we have followed the Government’s guidance ( ) on managing the risk of COVID-19 as follows:

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with people that work for us.
  • We have cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in line with the guidance.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help staff work from home.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace.
  • Where people can not be 2m apart we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk
  • We have limited our site’s maximum occupancy figures to allow for social distancing


IMPORTANT, all customers need to accept this- 

It should be recognised that whilst climbing walls will take all reasonable steps to prevent the transfer of COVID-19 to its staff and customers, there will always be a risk that an infected person visits the centre and either through droplet transfer, aerosol action or smear infection, transfers the virus to others. Our customers should be made aware of this and make their own decision given their specific circumstances whether this small residual risk is one they are willing to take. The residual risk should be no greater than in many other public spaces and facilities that are already open or will re-open in the coming months. 

Please do not visit the climbing centre if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.


More government guidance here:


Face Coverings

We request that staff and customers, at all Awesome Walls sites, wear a face-covering, unless climbing, exercising in the gym or to eat and drink. If customers wish to wear a face-covering while climbing and exercising, then please feel free to do so.

Face masks are available from reception for 50p (cost price). Please call before if you require one to be brought out to you.



All customers are required to sanitise their hands when entering the building and regularly throughout their climbing session.

Sanitation points are shown on the floor plans and located at key points throughout the centres.



In order speed up queuing times and minimise contact we are strongly recommending that members pre-pay by using one of the following options



Are we required to pre-book timeslots?

At Awesome Walls, we are not using bookable time slots as we have adequate capacity numbers based on the governments 1 person per 9sqm.

Liverpool 80

Stockport 103

Stoke 69

Sheffield 179

Floor plans stating the capacity numbers for climbing areas will be displayed around the centres.

You can check our current capacity at all centres before you leave by visiting our website

If we find we are reaching our capacity limits we may start to use pre-booking time slots at our busy periods.


All spectators/non-climbers must complete an ‘Acknowledgement of Risk form’ and check-in and out of the centre.



Inevitably there are goings to be queues at busy times! Because of the way that our entrances are it may lead to you to be standing outside in all sorts of weather conditions (Cold to hot. Dry to wet!). Please come prepared for this with warm clothes, waterproof, brollies or sun cream. Our staff will do the utmost to get you in as soon as possible, please be patient.


Check In Check Out

To keep a record of all people that have passed through our buildings you MUST check-in and check out. The number of people in our building at any time will also be displayed on our website for others to see.


New Members

Only fully competent new members will be allowed to join.


Social Distancing Within the Centres

The government still recommends 2m for social distancing and 1m+ for other areas where 2m can’t be maintained.

At Awesome Walls, we have 2m markings for queuing, standing points for speaking to reception staff, directional arrows for narrow points, one way systems on certain stairwells and one person at a time on the stairwells.

All of these areas will be marked clearly on our floor plans.


Social Distancing When Climbing

When leading/bouldering/top roping or using the auto belays, it is up to the individual climber to assess where they climb and if it will be sociably acceptable to climb a route/problem near another person. Ideally, you would leave a sociably acceptable space between each climber but often routes/problems weave or deviate so a bit of forethought and verbal communication would be beneficial.


Climbing Duration

Whilst we haven’t put a time limit on the time you can spend in the climbing centre, please be respectful of how long you spend in certain areas. We would like to think than on busy periods you would kindly limit your visit to two hours.



With having limited numbers allowed in the climbing centres we are asking for non-climbers not to visit the climbing centre at the moment. If there is a special reason for a non-climber to visit then an allowance will be given if capacity numbers allow. In this situation, one parent/spectator will be allowed per group of six.



Key touchable surfaces will be wiped down frequently with appropriate cleaning products.

We are removing all none essential items such as magazines, leaflets, menus and the like.

Even with our regular cleaning we strongly recommend that you sanitise your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.


Awesome Staff

All of our staff will have notified us that they are not showing signs of COVID-19 and if they do, they will notify us immediately and not return to work until fit to do so.



In Tier 3, we will be offering hot drinks in takeaway cups. All snacks and other refreshments will be prepacked (chocolate bars, sweets, cans and cartons).

No hot food will be available for the time being.


Water Bottles

Unfortunately, we will be unable to fill water bottles at the moment.



Loose chalk and liquid chalk are both acceptable.


Hire Equipment

All hire equipment will be available as usual, except for hire ropes and chalk bags.


Group Use

All group members, instructors and supervisors will be required to be checked in, to monitor our capacity numbers. External instructors and supervisors will be required to complete an Acknowledgement of Risk form if they haven’t already. (No external groups until notified.) All group members, instructors and supervisors will be required to sanitise when entering the building, often throughout the session and when leaving. All group members, instructors and supervisors will be required to wear face coverings except for when eating and drinking or climbing. Group sessions will be run in a COVID safe manner following our COVID procedures and group members must be from a single household or bubbled.

Single Households and Bubbles 

Under the strictest Tier 3 restrictions, meeting anyone outside of your household or support bubble is banned, this includes  at climbing walls! In areas covered by these restrictions it is not allowed to meetup at Awesome Walls with anyone outside your household or support bubble. Any customers seen breaking this rule will be asked to leave.


External Group Use
All external groups are required to pre-book and supply their COVID-19 Group Risk Assessment.


Loyalty Cards

As we are trying to limit contact with customers and speed time up spent at reception we are going to suspend our loyalty card system until further notice.


Risk Assessment

A copy of our risk assessment can be found on our website here.



It has been a very tough time for all business that have been unable to trade through this pandemic. Everyone is trying their utmost to do what’s right and follow procedures. As these procedures change so must ours. If you spot something that you think we may have missed please do not hesitate to contact me at

Your custom will be warmly welcomed but no handshakes or hugs for the moment!


Stay safe, stay awesome,


Dave Douglas

Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

CEO and Founder


*AWCC may change these procedures without warning to stay relevant.

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