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Half Term Family Fun

Learn To Climb As A FamilyIf you are new to climbing and would like to give it a go, you’re in the right place! The place to start is our Induction Session. Book for an hour with an instructor and you’ll be taught all the essentials in using the centre and climbing...

Summer Psyche 2021

Summer Psyche 2021 is here! Qualifying takes place from 6 pm on 16th July until 10 pm on 20th July with 30 specially set problems. Scorecards will be online so if you haven't already, please sign up for Vertical Life. For those who qualify, the Grand Final will be on...

100% Boulder Refurbishment

The wait is almost over! Our setting team have been super busy filling up the brand new bouldering room with a massive range of awesome problems. Come and climb! New bouldering opening 5pm Wednesday 21st April!

Awesome Walls – open from Monday 12th April!

Finally, the time has come for us to reopen our doors and welcome back all you lovely climber types... YES! As always, we’re really looking forward to seeing you again and joining you for a climb and boulder. Just as before, there are certain measures in place that...

Have you heard the news?

Have you heard... The latest update from the Government suggests that we will be able to open our doors and welcome all you lovely climbers back to Awesome Walls centres from Monday the 12th of April! I think you'll agree this is AWESOME news and we can't wait to see...